What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

In a personal test, I did ½ half of my car with KLY-MAX Super Sealant and the other half with wax. It snowed overnight and my car was totally covered. I cleaned my wind shield and drove to work approximately 5 miles and when I arrived, the half of my car with KLY-MAX Super Sealant had no show on it and the other half was still completely covered in show, “WOW”!

Fairfax, VA

I pay to have my car detailed so I took the bottle of KLY-MAX Super Sealant to my detail guy and asked him to try it. When I came to pick up my car I could not believe how it looked but then he had my feel the surface. Nothing short of amazing! This stuff really is great, thank you.

Overland Park, KS

I was so impressed with how KLY-MAX Super Sealant worked on my cars I took a bottle with me to Korea. I had a friend that work a car dealership and he tried it on some of the cars. There was a volcano eruption and the ash damaged all the cars but the ones with KLY-MAX Super Sealant on them! He was so impressed.

Los Angeles, CA and Seoul, Korea

We applied the KLY-MAX Super Sealant on our B 737 and from my office across the air field I could see the amazing difference in that aircraft from all the others on the runway! That aircraft looked cleaner and was much easier to wash when it returned for its regular maintenance.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

After very first time I applied KLY-MAX Super Sealant on my dragster, I set a new record! This is the best stuff I’ve ever seen! I’m hooked!!

Spokane, WA

They said it would work on any hard surface so I put it on my shower door…. I was shocked how well the water beaded off of it and kept the hard water stains off, Amazing Product.

Beaumont, CA

KLY-MAX is so easy to put on, I have used wax for years and its like a workout! This stuff is so much easier and so much better.

Houston, TX

I cannot believe how slick this stuff is, best stuff I’ve ever used on my car.

Las Vegas, NV

I was so tired of scrubbing bugs off my SUV after a road trip and I have tried everything. After using the Super Sealant i can wipe them off… I love this stuff.

Phoenix, AZ