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KLY-MAX Super Sealant For Recreational Vehicles

KLY-MAX Super Sealant – Named #1 Product In America

  • Clean the Surface

    Thoroughly clean surface, remove any surface wax or polish.

  • Shake Well

    Shake the bottle of KLY-MAX Super Sealant well before using and applying.

  • Apply Using Soft Sponge

    Use a clean soft cloth or dry sponge to apply a thin layer of KLY-MAX surface sealant.

  • Let Dry

    Allow at least 5 minutes to dry. You should see a thin, milky film.

  • Wipe Clean

    Using a different soft cloth wipe the sealant off to reveal the polished shine.

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One of your biggest investments needs the best performance. Increase performance (Miles per Gallon) by up to 10%!!!! Lets face it, they are great vehicles but the mileage suffers. By Using KLY-MAX Super Sealant you can protect the surface and improve appearance while increasing your vehicles performance!!! With a simple Wipe on, Wipe off application, everyone should “Get Some!”


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