KLY-MAX Super Sealant – Never Wax, KLY-MAX!

How To Apply

It’s Easier than Waxing or Polishing

  • Clean the Surface

    Thoroughly clean surface, remove any surface wax or polish.

  • Shake Well

    Shake the bottle well before you use it.

  • Apply to Surface

    Simply wipe on a thin coat of our Surface Sealant to the surface with a soft cloth or sponge.

  • Let it Dry

    Allow 2-3 minutes for it to dry (You should see a thin, milky film on the surface).

  • Wipe the Surface

    Using a second cloth, wipe the surface film off. You’ll see a deep, lustrous, super-slick, polished shine.


  • On a vehicle apply to all external painted, chrome/metal or glass surfaces. (DO NOT apply on leather, cloth, rubber, vinyl, wraps or any porous surface).
  • For best results, when applying on larger surfaces, apply 2 to 3 foot segments at a time.
  • Apply in shaded area; direct sun may cause the surface to become too hot for easy application.
  • Warning! Due to extreme slipping, DO NOT apply to surfaces that you walk or stand on.
  • Gas mileage or electric charge mileage increase by as much as 10%. Best increase in mileage is seen at average speeds over 35 MPH.