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Steve Adams is President and CEO of Anti-Drag Technologies, LLC, a Nevada corporation. ADT’s primary mission is the return to market of the award winning line of Automotive Care Products.
Steve’s first passion was law enforcement. After retiring from the police department, he tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit and embarked upon a successful career in the business world where he started Anti-Drag Technologies, LLC.
Starting this business out of his garage where he blended product and bottled it by hand, he embarked on a mission to make KLY-MAX Super Sealant available to everyone. With a passionate spirit and an amazing product he grew sales and managed to premiere KLY-MAX Super Sealant on an Infomercial.
Partnering with a marketing firm the product aired and was a huge success. The product sales exceeded expectation and therefore increasing production capacity became inevitable. Steve took on this challenge and built a new production facility to keep up with demand.
Steve then found out that the marketing firm had taken the sales proceeds and Steve was left with a new building and unfilled orders. Using every asset at his disposal he filled the orders but was unable to recover and was forced to close the business.
Steve had always intended to bring the product back to the market but timing never seemed to be right, UNTIL NOW! He is proud to make available his premier product the unique, #1 ranked, KLY-MAX SUPER SEALANT!

product in the world in an independent study
Enhances Performance Up To

KLY-MAX SUPER SEALANT is the Only Surface Protecting Sealant to ever receive a positive wind tunnel test proving that it reduces drag, increases gas mileage or distance per charge, and enhances performance by up to 10% Guaranteed!

KLY-MAX SUPER SEALANT was named Best New Product in America and named #1 Appearance Product in the World. It does what no other surface protecting sealant can – IT SAVES YOU MONEY!

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