KLY-MAX Super Sealant by Anti-Drag Technologies

Named “Best Product in America” by SEMA and Jc Whitney & Co


KLY-MAX Super Sealant is approved for use on Jet, Prop and Rotor Aircraft. KLY-MAX Super Sealant is the world’s only surface sealant proven to reduce surface drag and can provide up to 10% better range plus superior appearance and protection. GUARANTEED

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KLY-MAX Super Sealant is the world’s only proven surface sealant that can give you up to 10% better gas mileage, performance or distance per charge plus award winning appearance, protection and ease of application! GUARANTEED

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Water Craft & Snow Skies/Boards

KLY-MAX Super Sealant is the world’s only test proven surface sealant to reduce drag and increase performance on water craft, water and snow skies and boards by up to 10% plus it’s award winning appearance and protection for the surface of your boat. GUARANTEED

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Maximize your vehicles Gas Mileage, Performance or Distance per Charge

World’s only Drag Reducing Surface Sealant

Award winning Appearance, Protection and ease of Application

Tested at the Walter H. Beech Wind Tunnel

Located at Wichita State University

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